Presented in a  gift case, Marseille soap's gold hot-stamping refers to our Fer à Cheval golden stamp which is still used nowadays on our soap.

It also displays its lucky charm - the horsecharm - to please and bring luck to family and friends.

The Ancestral cauldrons saponification process

Nearly 10 days are necessary for the elaboration of our cauldron-cooked soap according to the Marseille process. This ancestral know-how transmitted by Master soap makers through generations is still used to this day.

A natural, hypoallergenic soap

This soap is exclusively plant-based. It does not contain any preservatives, dyes, additives or animal fat. No palm oil.

Biodegradable and environmentally-friendly.

It represents an ecological alternative to chemicals found in most skin care and housekeeping products.

  • French Origin Guaranteed, made in Marseille.

  • Ask for the registred logo ""Union des Professionnels du Savon de Marseille".

  • 100% of ingredients of naturel origin

  • Fer à Cheval soap factory is committed to: 100% recyclable packaging for a zero waste objective.

  • Founded in 1856, the Fer à Cheval soap factory is the oldest and largest soap factory in Marseille. We are one of the very last in France to perpetuate the traditional manufacture of Marseille soap under the expert eyes of our master soap makers.


150 Grams