Composition : 98% ORGANIC COTTON  -  2% PC       


Dimensions : 48cm x  200cm (4 cm variance)

GABRIELLE - Blanc Gris

  • Létol is made of jacquard weaving, the particularity of which is to create a pattern by interweaving the cotton threads. This technique gives the fabric a certain relief which makes the material more "lively", airy and very pleasant to wear, and also allows the "reversible" and doubly aesthetic side of the pattern present on both the front and back of the scarf.

    Each year, Létol creates two collections, a journey into very different universes where pure and delicate lines, original and sparkling patterns, poetic winks at the world around us, etc., all come together.

    With more than 300 models, Létol is contemporary, original, graphic, elegant, offbeat, simple, masculine, comfortable, bucolic, aesthetic, unique and timeless.

    Like a big family, Létol stoles come together but are not alike, each one has its own colour, style, personality and identity.

    And because good news never comes alone, Létol dresses girls and boys, young and old, from 1 to 99 years old, whether you like the city or the country.

    Did you know that?
    A Létol is 3 times less polluting than its Asian cousin! In fact, a recent study by Cycleco shows that French production using organic cotton emits three times less greenhouse gases and pollutes three times less fresh water than similar shirts made in China or India using conventional cotton.