The natural sponge will bring pleasure and gentleness to your bath routine. By combining a composition of soft fibres close to silk and an ability to absorb three times more water than a synthetic sponge, the sea sponge is softer and more hygienic. The natural sea sponge is then recommended for sensitive or allergic skins.

The sponge quality depends on it origin. Unlike Caribbean sponges, Mediterranean sea sponges are growing slowly in deep and cold water which make their fibres elastic and resistant. These characteristics enable the Mediterranean sponges to last longer.

Fer à Cheval 11cm natural sponge are harvested off the Tunisian costs under the control of the Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture or of Fisheries. To avoid intensive fishing, natural sponges’ harvests are limited to twice a year. Moreover, after each harvest millions of gamete are released in the sea to help the development of new sponges.

The sea sponge is then a natural environmentally-friendly product.


1 Gram